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About Lion's Heart

What is Lion's Heart?

Founded in 2004, Lion's Heart is a national 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization for teen volunteering in 6th through 12th grade. Lion's Heart organizes groups from 3 to 20 teens by gender, grade, and location, and assigns one parent to be the Class Coordinator. Each group elects their own officers, leads their own meetings, and decides how to serve the community. Each Member must complete at least 30 hours of community service each year.  This is NOT a fundraising organization, although we do accept donations.  Parent involvement is encouraged but not required. Lion's Heart is not faith-based.

  • New Member Enrollment starts at Noon (PST) on February 1st and ends at Noon (PST) on October 1st
  • Dues: New Member’s annual dues are $140 and returning dues are $75. All dues are tax deductible!  If you enroll and there is no space in a group by October 1st, you will receive a full refund. (See Refund Policy)


  • Stay organized and keep all your community service hours in one place. Our website makes it easy for you document community service hours and pass off to colleges.
  • A chance to earn the nationally recognized President’s Volunteer Service Award and other recognitions.
  • We provide online leadership training in order for you to hold a leadership position within your group.
  • We provide resources and guidance of where to volunteer.
  • Your Membership package includes: Lion’s Heart tee shirt, new member folder, and group information.


Create a new chapter and be named the Chapter Founder!
 Congratulations!  You have taken the innovative to start Lion's Heart in your area!  Find 2+ friends (in the same city, grade and gender) to enroll with you.  What a great thing to add to your resume! 

New Members in existing groups: Requests for a specific group are taken for existing/returning groups (not students entering 7th grade), pending space availability (20 maximum in a group). 

Transferring Groups/Chapters: Returning Members may transfer to another group or another chapter between Noon (PST) May 1st and Noon (PST) October 1st for a one time fee, pending space availability. If a Member in good standing moves their primary residence 30+ miles away, they may request a transfer to a new chapter at any time during the year at no cost.  The Member must make the request with the Director of Operations. 

Hardship Request:  
If you feel you have a financial hardship that makes paying the new Member Dues especially difficult, please email founders@lionsheartservice.org with an explanation of your financial hardship, name, age, gender, chapter request, and year of graduation. 

For more information about membership, enrollment, and/or dues, please visit our FAQ page.

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