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About Lion's Heart

What is Lion's Heart

Founded in 2004, Lion's Heart is a national 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization for teen volunteering in 6th through 12th grade. Lion's Heart organizes groups from 3 to 20 teens by gender, grade, and location, and assigns one parent to be the Class Coordinator. Each group elects their own officers, leads their own meetings, and decides how to serve the community. Each Member must complete at least 30 hours of community service each year.  This is NOT a fundraising organization, although we do accept donations.  Parent involvement is encouraged but not required. Lion's Heart is not faith-based.

After you enroll your child, the Chapter President assigns him or her to the appropriate group (or waits until a group is formed, as we need at least three plus a parent to be the Class Coordinator).  Your child then receives a welcome email with their group information, and a welcome package is mailed, which includes a Lion's Heart T-shirt. Each group schedules eight meetings each year (or 6 if formed on or after June 1) to discuss group community service activities; also, Members often perform community service on their own.  Lion's Heart emails Members various volunteer opportunities, and provides awards for its qualified Members. (See Frequently Asked Questions for more details)

New Member Enrollment starts at 10:00 A.M. (PST) on February 1st and ends at 11:59 P.M. on October 1st. The Lion’s Heart “year” is May 1st through April 30th. We accept all teenagers that wish to perform community service, subject to available space in the group.There is no application, just an online enrollment process. We expect Members to follow a few simple rules. (See The Rules) Failure to follow the rules, missing too many meetings, or not performing at least 30 hours of community service by April 30th will result in ineligibility to continue in Lion’s Heart. 

Dues: New Member’s dues are $130 for the first year payable with a credit card when you enroll online. Returning dues are $65 per year payable online with a credit card between February 1st and noon (PST) on April 15th. All dues are tax deductible!  There is no pro-ration of dues for new Members starting after May 1st. If you enroll and there is no space in a group by October 1st, you will receive a full refund, and are encouraged to enroll again the following February. (See Refund Policy)


Since Lion's Heart is not a fundraising organization, we must charge dues to provide all of the value to our Members. 


Of course no one needs to be a part of an organization like Lion's Heart to volunteer in the community. There are many advantages to do so, which is why Lion's Heart was started in 2004. 

Lion's Heart organizes Members in groups because it's more fun to volunteer with your friends. Each group elects their officers and leads their own meetings so you and your friends decide how, when and where to serve. We provide an online training course to teach you how to perform as an officer and how to run a meeting.  These experiences are great tools for the Members. Colleges and employers also love to see leadership and teamwork on applicant's resumes.

Lion's Heart also provides volunteer opportunities for our Members when non-profit organizations reach out to us.  Each Member has a permanent record of their volunteering that they can share with colleges and potential employers. 

Lion's Heart is a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Awards, and distributes other recognitions. These awards are a great acknowledgement of the impact our Members have had on our communities (and doesn't look bad on resumes either).

Lion's Heart is not a fundraising organization so we must collect dues to run the organization - provide the tee shirts, awards, awards events, training programs for the Members and the Class Coordinators, along with boring stuff like rent and insurance.  Our biggest expense is the ongoing website and program improvement and enhancements - like our iPhone App, and coming soon Lion's Heart Digital Badge Program!

So yes, anyone can volunteer without being part of an organization but Lion's Heart makes it fun and easy.  We hope you join us!


New for 2015-Chapter Founder!
 Starting in 2015, be the very first person to enroll in a new chapter and you will become the official "Chapter Founder". This designation means you have taken the initiative to start Lion's Heart in your area! This special designation will show on your Group Page, and on your volunteer log (which you can easily share).  We then encourage you to find three friends (in the same city, grade, and gender as you) to enroll too! 

Students entering 7th grade in August or September: Interested boys and girls who are entering 7th grade in August or September and wish to become a Member are assigned to a group on a first come-first serve basis until the group is full at 20 members. Additional groups may be formed if a Class Coordinator is available for each group. No requests for a specific group are accepted. Contacting of new Members with their group information will start in April. The first meeting will be held in May.

New Members in existing groups: Requests for a specific group are taken for existing/returning groups (not students entering 7th grade), pending space availability (20 maximum in a group). Enrollment period: New Members may enrollment from February 1st at 10:00 A.M. (PST) through 11:59 P.M. (PST) on October 1st. Members enrolling prior to May 1st will start membership on May 1st (pending space) and new Members enrolling after May 1st will start immediately, pending availability in a group. There are no pro-ration of dues or hours for Members starting after May 1st.

Re-Enrollment:  Former Members who would like to join again should choose the Re-Enrollment option during new Member enrollment and pay the new Member dues (which are higher than returning Member dues).  This will enable the Chapter President to reinstate the archived volunteer log. Former Members may request to be placed in their former group, but that will only be honored if there is space available. If an Archived Member has forgotten their former username and/or password, they should contact the Chapter President.

The restrictions for Members to re-enroll are as follows:  Unpaid dues: Member must wait until at least May 15th to re-enroll, but Member must otherwise be eligible to continue by not missing too many meeting, and logging in the required hours by noon on April 30th. Resigned, Missed Meetings, and/or insufficient hours logged in by April 30:  Member must wait June 1st (10:00 A.M. PST) to re-enroll. 

Tee Shirts and Members Folders:  After enrollment and upon assignment to a group, all new Members will be sent a Lion's Heart tee shirt (see Tee Shirt Information) and Member folder, along with a welcome letter.  This welcome package will also provide all of the group information and Class Coordinator's name and contact information. 

Hardship Request:  If you feel you have a financial hardship that makes paying the new Member Dues especially difficult, we will consider waiving or discounting your dues.  Please email founders@lionsheartservice.org with an explanation of your financial hardship, name, age, gender, chapter request, and year of graduation. If approved, you will receive a discount code that that can be used during step 5. This process will delay your enrollment.

Transferring Groups/Chapters: Returning Members may transfer to another group or another chapter between May 1st and October 1st. There is a $50 transfer fee payable online.  If there is space available in the requested group/chapter they want to transfer to (and would not subject the existing group to fall below the minimum three Members), a Member logins into their account, and clicks Membership > Transfer Request.  A Member can easily see if they qualify for a transfer.  If they do, the Member will be able to choose a new group either within the existing chapter or another chapter.   Once the Chapter President assigns the Member to the new group, the Member will immediately be notified via email. There are no hardship discounts given for transfers.

If a Member in good standing moves their primary residence 30+ miles away, they may request a transfer to a new chapter at any time during the year at no cost.  The Member must make the request with the Director of Operations. 

Lion’s Heart is for all teens across the nation. We invite you to join an existing volunteer chapter, or start your own chapter anywhere in the USA!


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